Prosper Community Information

The fertile prairie soil of North Texas first drew settlers to what is now Prosper. Cotton and corn were the main crops. The post office opened in 1893 and the area served as a market center for local farmers. The St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad came through Prosper in March of 1902 and the population swelled. Advancements in farming technology later caused a consolidation of farmland and people moved out the area. The Depression caused an additional population decrease but the town of Prosper lived up to its name by reinventing itself as a light industrial area.

Prosper today is home to roughly 13,000 residents who enjoy the high quality of life in their quiet community. Prosper is less than 15 miles away from McKinney, the seat of Collin County. The county manages a number of parks, including Youth Park with educational and recreational facilities for kids of all ages; Parkhill Prairie with a 52-acre Blackland prairie; Sister Grove Park with hiking and biking trails around Lake Lavon; and Bratonia Park where radio-control airplane pilots take to the sky. Trinity Trail is an equestrian and hiking trail along the banks of Lake Lavon. The Farm Museum promotes the agricultural heritage of the area. Historic homes in Chestnut Square Historical Park are lovingly preserved in honor of Collin County settlers.